Penelople, sam's best bud and biological child

Penelople, sam's best bud and biological child

About :

Sam Mack is an artist originally from saint louis, missouri. They are currently an mfa student in studio art with an emphasis in ceramics at the University of Arkansas School of art. 


Sam is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. 



Statement :

My work is the result of an interdisciplinary studio practice and does not have one material focus. I view my works as a collection of questions or components of an essay that rely upon one another to build a comprehensive dialogue to question, trouble, and destabilize constructs of gender, sexuality, and taboo. I build works that relate to the body. The works are ambiguous and often personal, existing within the in-between space of traditional art medias of video, ceramic, written text, painting, and installation and the contemporary spaces of the Internet and social media. Through their ambiguity they ultimately refuse methods of categorization. I utilize tactics of trompe l'oeil in order to play with potential functions of a recreation, taking an object or language out of its original context by reproducing it in a different material and collaging it into a new form, challenging ways of viewing objects. My work suggests a corporeal engagement and a consensual and active voyeurism that allows the viewer a space for investigation.